A Gift from Italy

Not everyone has a sister who decides to live overseas for a year and then brings back new and exciting pastas from her time in Italy. But I do and she did and I simply can’t wait to cook up something scrumptious using my straight-from-Italy, it-doesn’t-get-any-more-authentic-than-this orecchiette! Thanks, Linny!

From Italy

Deliciousness coming soon!

Mini Cheesecake Pans: A Win-Win Situation

Nom Rating: ***** (5/5)

There are two things that you should know about Mr. Torres. Number one- Mr. Torres is a very smart man. Number two- Mr. Torres loves cheesecake. Put these two facts together and *voila* mini cheesecake pans show up in the mail!

mini cheesecake pans

These are small springform pans – not to be confused with these cute super mini cheesecake pans, which are a lot like muffin pans.

Mini cheesecake pans mean an excited wifey who promptly comes up with all kinds of ideas for making mini cheesecakes. An excited wifey with all kinds of ideas for making mini cheesecakes means lots of cheesecakes that need to be eaten. Lots of cheesecakes that need to be eaten mean a very happy Mr. Torres. Mini cheesecake pans are 100% pure win-win situation in the Torres household.

For the first round of cheesecakes, I wanted to keep it simple and find a delicious traditional cheesecake recipe to try. In the end, I went a recipe from Simply Recipes titled Perfect Cheesecake. The title was an appropriate description of the end product. Continue reading

Sage-Pecan Tortellini

Nom-Rating:**** (4/5)
Sage-Pecan Tortellini

Making food for a crowd always seems to leave me between a rock and hard place. New is my motto in the kitchen–new recipes, new ingredients, new techniques. If I’m not quite sure how things are going to turn out, it’s an adventure.

So, yes, cooking for a crowd is tricky because if I had it my way, I’d be making something new and exciting, but if it doesn’t turn out, then it’s not just a matter of throwing together some grilled cheese sandwiches and calling it a day. People’s lives are on the line here…or maybe it’s just their appetites, but either way, people are depending on me for dinner. And because of that, I usually play it safe and make a dish that I have tried before or at least choose something with normal ingredients and techniques. Continue reading

Nom-Worthy Chocolate French Toast

Nom Rating: ***** (5/5)

Printable Recipe

Chocolate French Toast

Another day off from school meant that chocolate pistachio French toast did not have to wait until the weekend. I was in the kitchen by seven thirty this morning ready to find out if the brioche bread that I made yesterday could redeem itself by making some amazing French toast!

The original recipe makes four French toast sandwiches, but I  cut all the ingredients in half. Mr. Torres and I attempt to watch our figures and I knew that one sandwich was enough for each of us. The original  also gives ingredient amounts in metric units. Fortunately, there wasn’t anything that needed to be precise and my approximations worked out perfectly. The recipe that you will find below is for two French toast sandwiches written using English units.

The ingredient list is quite simple really. You will need brioche, milk, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate spread, pistachios and maple syrup.


Continue reading

My New Least Favorite Activity

I may be a bit old fashioned in some ways. I like to read the newspaper. I think it’s rude to pay more attention to your phone than to the people around you. I believe it’s proper to eat dinner at the table and not in front of the tv (unless you’re watching The Office) and I think that one of my duties as a good wifey is to make sure my husband’s work clothes are ironed when he puts them on in the morning.

These beliefs sometimes cause me trouble and extra work, but none so much as the last. I do believe that it is part of my job to make sure Mr. Torres’ clothes are wearable before he tries to put them on, but, boy oh boy, do I hate ironing.

It’s tedious. It’s slow (I’m assuming I will one day get faster) and it’s never-ending. Well, almost.

I was thinking about this recently while ironing a pile of shirts that I had just pulled out of the dryer. Mr. Torres and I have only been married for a little over five months and I have already done more ironing than I have ever desired. At this point, I could be looking at another thirty-five plus years of ironing before Mr. Torres retires and his daily attire changes from slacks and button-up shirts to t-shirts and pajama pants. Thirty. Five. Years.

As I was trying to figure out how to iron yet another awkward shirt arm, I started doing the math to figure out exactly how many shirts we were looking at needing to be ironed over the next million (aka thirty-five years). The results did not look pretty.

And then, I had a sort of realization regarding my new found least favorite activity.

The only reason that I have shirts to iron is that I have a husband. Not only do I have a husband, but I have a husband who has a job. And not just any job, but a job that allows him to work in the relative safety of his office doing the type of computery stuff that he likes to do.

Ironing may still be one of my least favorite activities, but I hope I have the privilege of doing it for the next thirty-five plus years…

because as long as I have ironing, I have this guy.

Mr. Torres