Five for Friday: Winning the Tomato War

1  After doing some research, I’m pretty sure that our tomatoes are being eaten by mockingbirds. Apparently they have quite the taste for tomatoes OR they get really thirsty and then ravage tomatoes just for the moisture. It depends on which website you look at. Either way, I have tried to address both of these issues. First, I put out a couple of bird baths. Hopefully this will help if we have any thirsty birds hanging out in our yard. Second, as soon as a tomato starts to get a little bit red, I put it in a ziploc baggie with the corners cut off (to allow for condensation to escape). It seems strange, but I think it’s working!

2  I was working in the yard a bit yesterday evening and look what I discovered in my compost pile! What a lovely surprise! Continue reading

Five for Friday: It’s May!

1  I know I sound like a broken record, but I cannot get over the fact that this boy turns 1 in ten days. Ten days! All I can do is shake my head.

2  We finally saw the movie Hidden Figures and it is soooo good. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should! I wish I could have been alive during the space race!

3  Tomatooooooes!

4  I’m super annoyed at something (birds, raccoon, our neighbor…I just don’t know), because THREE of our tomatoes have been eaten before I picked them. It’s the saddest thing to be patiently watching a tomato and waiting for it to get to the perfect level of ripeness only to go out to the garden one morning to find its remains lying on the ground. Something has to be done! 

5  We’re taking a mini family vacation this weekend. We’re staying in a cabin about an hour outside of Houston. I’m calling it cabamping…cabin camping:D and it should be a nice little break from the norm. I’m nervous about Ellis’ sleep, but oh well. We’ll survive!

Have you seen Hidden Figures? What did you think?  

Five for Friday: The Garden

Hello and happy Friday!!

This year’s garden is up and running and is actually looking decent due to the fact that Ellis and I are always looking for things to do outside and have, therefore, been on top of the watering! It also didn’t hurt that I bought a soil test kit and actually paid attention to what kind of fertilizer the soil needed before planting everything:D

Here’s a look at what’s growing so far.

1 Of course, my very favorite vegetables to grow…tomatoes! I have four different types of tomatoes planted and the cherry tomato plant already has two baby tomatoes!

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Five for Friday: Springtime

Happy Friday! I hope that this week (and the last few weeks) has been a good one! The spring semester is always a busy one and it has proven to be a whirlwind this year…only four more weeks of classes and a week of finals left in this school year. Crazy.

Here are some pictures from the past two-ish months:)

1. Mr. Torres and I spent three days camping and hiking around in Big Bend National Park. Happiness.

Big Bend 2015

 2. We finally spent the time and effort to put in our raised bed! All of our plants were in the ground by April 1st:) Continue reading

Five for Friday: A Weekend in Louisiana

Another name for this blog post could be How To Visit Louisiana During Mardi Gras And Stay Away From All The Crazies!

Mr. Torres and I headed to Louisiana a few weekends ago to spend some time with my Louisiana sister and take a little break from the normal weekend routine. 

Little did we know that the weekend we planned to go down was the weekend before Mardi Gras! Fortunately, we were able to enjoy a day in New Orleans without experiencing the craziness that is associated with Louisiana during this time of year!

Here’s what we did:)

1.First stop…Angelo Brocato for a mid-morning snack.

There's nothing wrong with having king cake for breakfast and Italian pastries for morning snack, right?!?

There’s nothing wrong with having king cake for breakfast and Italian pastries for morning snack, right?!?

This place has been around since 1905 and serves up some pretty delicious Italian treats! Continue reading

Five for Friday: Happy 2015!

1. I made some goals for 2014 and did a great job on most of them….

  • No competitive races- Success!
  • Experience something that is distinctly Houston or big-city at least once per quarter- Let’s see…Houston Rodeo, Dynamo game, Rockets game, downtown NYE party, does visiting Galveston count?!? I think this one is a success:)
  • Finish decorating the living room and dining room- 96% Success! There are two more things on my to-do list for the living room and one of them (LoveSac covers) was a Christmas gift from Mr. Torres (should be delivered soon)!
  • Get a job- As of August, this one was a success!

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