TBT: Sisters are the best


I really do like this picture…for so many reasons.

1. Everyone is playing along and having fun. 

One thing that I remember about this trip is how miserably cold it was and how unprepared we were. 

It was summer vacation…how were we supposed to know it was going to be a weekend full of freezing (exaggeration) rain?!?

But we made the best of it and enjoyed our time anyway.

Plus, we were way excited about our matching Lego t-shirts that we got to try to stay a bit warmer:)

2. I’m the sheriff (aka I’m in charge).

As I should be!

3. All four sisters are together!

Although I sometimes felt like having sisters was the worst thing ever, I can definitely say that having sisters is one of the best things in the world! 


Throwback Thursday: Dear Diary


I’ve been keeping a journal since 1997 and it’s always amusing to look back and read about how I viewed life in the past.

I’ve shared many of my entries with Mr. Torres and his summary is pretty short…

I love Mom so much!

My sisters are so annoying!

I love Mom sooooo much!

God is good!

I looooove Mom!

We went on a cool vacation!

He’s actually pretty accurate, but here’s one that doesn’t fall under any of those topics…

7.12.2000          8:47pm

Ok, I don’t have long to write because I’m tired and want to go to bed, but something special happened today. I got a debit card. Mom took me to the credit union and filled out the paper work. I got it so it would be easier to get gas. I started my account out with $47. That’s four tanks worth of gas. I ‘m really excited. It comes in the mail in a month. Bye.

Kacey Kesselhuth

Besides my amazingly sophisticated writing style, did you catch how far $47 used to go?

Four tanks of gas?!?! 

Take me back to 2000!

Throwback Thursday: Kesselhuth Vacation Fun

Shepherd of the Hills, 1998.


Despite the look on my face, I was pretty confident that I was going to win that frog race. 

A lot of people try to yell at their frogs and/or encourage them verbally. Pointless. 

The real trick is in patting the ground right behind their little bottoms. The puff of air makes them jump.

Now you’re ready for one more thing life might throw at you.