S’more Babies

Nom-Rating: *** (3/5)

S'mores Babies

I didn’t intend to make what I am now referring to as S’more Babies when I started working in the kitchen yesterday.

S'mores Babies1

What I thought I was making was Smashing S’mores from one of my favorite blogs How Sweet It Is.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Smashing S’mores consist of a marshmallow that has been connected to a small graham cracker with a little dab of chocolate. Then, the whole thing in dipped in melted chocolate, decorated with sprinkles and allowed to set. Pop-able s’mores!

More importantly, pop-able s’mores that do not require a campfire…which is a plus when there is a state-wide burn ban in effect because it has been 115 degrees all summer and the whole of Oklahoma would instantly go up in flames if the word fire was even whispered outside. 

So yes, I attempted to make smashing s’mores and it was a complete failure. Every single time that I tried dipping the marshmallow/graham cracker into the melted chocolate, chaos ensued.

Sometimes the marshmallow came out nicely coated in chocolate, but the graham cracker refused to stay attached. Sometimes the marshmallow did a flip, ended up on the bottom and decided to stay in the mug of melted chocolate. There were times that the graham cracker just gave up and broke in half and then other times, the marshmallow and graham cracker stayed together beautifully, but absolutely refused to leave the chocolate.

I needed a new plan.

Sooooooo, I grabbed a jar of peanut butter, smeared a bit onto each graham cracker, plunked a marshmallow on top, added a dab of chocolate and topped with another piece of graham cracker.

S'mores Babies2

S’more babies!

S'mores Babies3

Pop-able s’more babies!

S'mores Babies5

Pop-able s’more babies that don’t require a campfire or dunking anything into a mug of melted chocolate!

Verdict: S’more Babies taste good and are easy to make. I took them with me when I went to eat lunch with Mr. Torres and he and his coworkers seemed to enjoy them quite a bit. I consider them a success. Not a smashing success, but a success nonetheless.

Nom-Rating: *** (3/5)


2 thoughts on “S’more Babies

  1. Kacey @ cookingwithkacey says:

    Hi Kacey “with a K”! These look so cute, I might try them with whole grahams and enjoy a mid afternoon snack today. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I am completely incapable of dipping things in chocolate, so I completely understand your problems!

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