Yonana Inspiration #2: Bananas + Magic Bullet

Nom-Rating: **** (4/5)

I have to admit, I was pretty bummed with the first yonana attempt

It was supposed to be a delicious, healthy alternative to ice cream.

It is an alternative and it is healthy, but it isn’t even close to delicious. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s undelicious.

But this recipe, my friends, this recipe happens to be both healthy AND delicious!


Believe it or not, this recipe has only one necessary ingredient (bananas!)…


and one important piece of equipment (a Magic Bullet or Ninja Blender)!

I favor the Magic Bullet, so I know that works. If you’re trying one of the others, you’re on your own, but my guess is that they would work fine.

One ingredient, one kitchen appliance. We’re ready to yonana!

Chop up some ripe to over-ripe bananas and place them in the freezer for at least thirty minutes. I left them in overnight and didn’t have any problems at all.


After the banana chunks are nice and frozen, place them in the Magic Bullet or Ninja Blender and go for it!


It doesn’t take long for the frozen chunks to resemble frozen yogurt. When that happens, you’re done!




Now you’re really done!

Mmmmm. Yonana topped with melted peanut butter and chocolate chips! I’m in love!

Verdict: This truly is 100% healthy ice cream (ignore the chocolate chips) and it’s so delicious! I’m already dreaming about all sorts of different variations to try…strawberry yonana, cinnamon yonana, chocolate yonana! Another good quality of this dessert is that it has a sort of built in portion control. I ate one bananas worth of yonana and was full. That’s all I needed. Usually when Mr. Torres and I eat ice cream, it takes a giant-sized bowl to satisfy our sweet-teeth. Hopefully this little recipe will help us to cut back on the serving size of our desserts. Also, I’m sure the actual Yonana gadget makes delicious frozen banana desserts, but seriously, skip the Yonana and just buy more bananas!

Nom-Rating: **** (4/5)

5 thoughts on “Yonana Inspiration #2: Bananas + Magic Bullet

  1. thelordshousekeeper says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your second version better than the first :-). A friend shared a similar recipe with me this past winter and I’ve made it several times since. Like with this one, I think the key is to freeze the bananas first before you blend them rather than after. I also like to add some peanut butter and cocoa powder when I blend it. The peanut butter makes it extra creamy (and adds some protein) and the cocoa powder is good for you since it doesn’t contain sugar (the bananas are sweet enough to make up for that). One time I even added some leftover coconut milk I had. Mmm…

  2. Joe says:

    I tried this with a regular blender and the first time I didn’t let the banana ripen enough. The second time, I let the banana ripen until sickeningly soft and then frozen until rock hard, allowed to soften a little. Now it is perfect–sooo creamy. I even used a $12 (Canadian) blender–nothing fancy but has 4 blades: two at the top and two at the bottom in a cross pattern. I don’t know if that matters but I know you don’t need a fancy blender. It’s not even high-powered. Thanks for the idea!

    • kaceytorres says:

      So glad it worked out for you! I used to hate it when bananas got even the slightest bit brown, but now I use them in baking and in smoothies so often, I buy them brown:)

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