Five for Friday: A Weekend in Louisiana

Another name for this blog post could be How To Visit Louisiana During Mardi Gras And Stay Away From All The Crazies!

Mr. Torres and I headed to Louisiana a few weekends ago to spend some time with my Louisiana sister and take a little break from the normal weekend routine. 

Little did we know that the weekend we planned to go down was the weekend before Mardi Gras! Fortunately, we were able to enjoy a day in New Orleans without experiencing the craziness that is associated with Louisiana during this time of year!

Here’s what we did:)

1.First stop…Angelo Brocato for a mid-morning snack.

Louisiana Weekend

There’s nothing wrong with having king cake for breakfast and Italian pastries for morning snack, right?!?

This place has been around since 1905 and serves up some pretty delicious Italian treats! Continue reading

Single-serving Mexican Casseroles

Nom-Rating: ***** (5/5)

These tasty little single-serving Mexican casseroles have been making a regular appearance on our weekly meal plan lately.

They fulfill all of the requirements that I look for in a dinner entree…they’re healthy, have a decent dose of protein, are veggie-based (but can easily become meat-based), and can be made without making a mess in the kitchen:) The delicious chips-salsa-cheese layer on top doesn’t hurt either!

Single-serving Mexican Casseroles

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Our Last-Minute Orlando Vacation

Back when Mr. Torres and I were dating, he gave me one of the sweetest gifts ever.

We had watched the movie UP together and had spent many hours talking about the adventures we had experienced separately and the ones that we hoped to have as a couple.

UP Adventure Book

So the incredibly thoughtful Mr. Torres made an Adventure Book for us to document all the amazing things that we would do together.

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Five for Friday: Happy 2015!

1. I made some goals for 2014 and did a great job on most of them….

  • No competitive races- Success!
  • Experience something that is distinctly Houston or big-city at least once per quarter- Let’s see…Houston Rodeo, Dynamo game, Rockets game, downtown NYE party, does visiting Galveston count?!? I think this one is a success:)
  • Finish decorating the living room and dining room- 96% Success! There are two more things on my to-do list for the living room and one of them (LoveSac covers) was a Christmas gift from Mr. Torres (should be delivered soon)!
  • Get a job- As of August, this one was a success!

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