Five for Friday: Happy 2015!

1. I made some goals for 2014 and did a great job on most of them….

  • No competitive races- Success!
  • Experience something that is distinctly Houston or big-city at least once per quarter- Let’s see…Houston Rodeo, Dynamo game, Rockets game, downtown NYE party, does visiting Galveston count?!? I think this one is a success:)
  • Finish decorating the living room and dining room- 96% Success! There are two more things on my to-do list for the living room and one of them (LoveSac covers) was a Christmas gift from Mr. Torres (should be delivered soon)!
  • Get a job- As of August, this one was a success!

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Year Six

Year 1 (2008/2009): I officially became a teacher…seventh grade life science.


I was terrified.

They were crazy.

But we survived.

And we had a lot of fun along the way.

Year 2 (2009/201): My second year teaching was aaaaamazing.

I had learned a lot from my first year. Continue reading