Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Cake

Nom-Rating: **** (4/5 )

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Cake

So is it possible for me to just dive right in to this new recipe and ignore the fact that I haven’t written a blog post in, ohhhhhh, six months?!?

I think my only excuse is that sometimes there are better things to be doing than tip-tapping on a keyboard! Maybe I’ll do a six-month summary post next:) Continue reading

Peru Part Two: The Inca Trail

After spending five lovely and fun-filled days in Cusco, we woke up at the very early hour of 3 am to join up with twelve other hikers and two guides to spend the next four days traversing the Inca Trail.

Peru Treks 2015

The Inca Trail is a 26 mile trail that travels through mountain passes, cloud forest, rain forest, and alpine tundra and includes Incan paving work, tunnels, ruins, and a grand finale of Machu Picchu! In other words, this was definitely an experience that was about both the journey AND the destination:) Continue reading

Peru Part One: Cusco

Peru was definitely one of the most fun places we’ve ever visited. 

Fun in Peru

Can you tell that Mr. Torres is having fun?!?!?

Other trips that we’ve taken have been beautiful, relaxing, historical, iconic, educational…and Peru was definitely all of these (except maybe relaxing…I don’t know that we had much down time on this trip!), but for me, the main theme of our time in Peru was fun:) Continue reading

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

So life just keeps on happening here and it’s been CRAZY!

Summer started out just like I wanted it to with lots of reading and swimming and time spent on projects around the house. But then, I was in a car accident and all of a sudden, a large chunk of my time was spent talking to insurance agents and filling out accident reports.

And theeeeeeeeen on Saturday, we found a patch of carpet in Mr. Torres’ office that was soaking wet…which led us to discover that water was leaking from behind a wall…which led us to call a plumber…which didn’t solve the problem, but to make a long story short, led us to not have air conditioning for three days. It was a long, hot, humid week! Continue reading

Summer: So Far…Part Two!

So after posting a list of all the things that summer has held thus far, I had a new experience on Monday evening that needs to be added to the list…

I was driving home after a soccer game and had just accelerated from stopping at a red light and was approaching another light (it was green) when I heard sirens. I started to slow down and then stopped when I saw a fire truck headed towards the intersection. Unfortunately, the Toyota Sequoia behind me didn’t stop! 

After fifteen years of driving, I was in my first accident! Continue reading