A Day in the Life of Ellis: 9 Months

7:00 AM

Good morning! Wake-up times have been allllll over the place lately, so I consider anything after 6 o’clock to be golden!

7:15 AM

After Dada gets out of the shower, Ellis hangs out in the bedroom and “helps” him get ready for work while I pack Mr. Torres’ breakfast and lunch. 

7:55 AM

We say goodbye to Dada and sit down to breakfast… pb and j on toast for Ellis, matcha oatmeal muffins for me:)

8:45 AM

Nap time<3

I do some ironing, but only get about half way done before Ellis wakes up. Short nap this morning (about 30 mins).

9:45 AM

Time to water the garden!

10:05 AM

We putter around outside until it’s time to get ready to go to Ellis’ swim lesson:)

But first, trucks!

10:30 AM

Swim lesson at Goldfish Swim School…highly recommend! 

11:00 AM

Done! Time to get changed and home for nap time!

11:45 AM

Nap numero dos. I finish ironing, eat lunch, and read:)

1:00 PM

Ellis is up and ready for lunch! After eating, we play inside for a bit, vacuum, and then head outside to pick up sticks and watch  for cars (Ellis’ favorite!).

3:30 PM

Ellis is ready for his third nap. I think about cleaning the kitchen and then read:D

4:20 PM

Ellis is awake! We chill for a bit and then head out for a run.

When we get back to the house, Dada is home! 

6:00 PM

Dinner at Jason’s Deli….mmmm, California club, salad bar, and free ice cream!

7:30 PM

Usually Ellis’ bedtime routine would start around 6:30-6:45 ish, but it was delayed a bit since we went out to eat for dinner. 

Bath, lotion and pajamas, story with Dada (truck book, again!), milk with Mama, lights out<3


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