Eleven Weeks In

We’re still alive and well down here in H-town (aka Houston) (aka land of burning summer heat) (aka city of “it’s too hot to go outside unless you’re swimming”) (aka okay, I’ll stop now)!

Ellis is now 11 weeks old<3

2016-07-16 18.08.35

Every picture of this sweet boy is my favorite! I’m such a mom.

We had such a great time over July with family visiting four out of the five weekends!

Grandpa and Grandma Kesselhuth came the first weekend and helped us to brave going out to a restaurant and visiting the pool with Ellis:)

2016-07-02 16.40.04

Just relaxin’ with Grandpa!


Storytime with Grandma:)

Aunt Erin visited next!


Then Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Michael!

2016-07-17 07.54.40a

And we finished off the month with a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Torres:)


Ellis obviously isn’t impressed with the photographer (me!) in this one!

Goodness, we have such an amazing family!

This past weekend seemed a little sad without any visitors, so Mr. Torres and I threw caution to the wind and invited some friends to go to an escape room with us.

Ellis didn’t really help much (hehe), but having him there didn’t hurt either!  In the end, we were able to do something fun, see some friends, AND we escaped the room within the allotted hour! Success!

unnamed (1)

I can’t help but smile as I look at all these pictures. The first eleven weeks weren’t always easy, but there has been so much love and goodness and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

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