Sunday, May 15, 2016

And just like that, we’ve been a family of three for nine months. Phew!

Having Ellis in our lives has brought us so much joy.

It’s definitely something different than just happiness, because it’s not all smiles and giggles all the time. It’s deeper and more complicated. I think that’s how joy is most of the time.

I actually started writing this post at the six month mark, but never got around to finishing it:P Soooo after three months of not blogging, here it is! Ellis’ birth story<3

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Evening: We planned to go out to eat for dinner after stopping by a going-away party for some friends. I was feeling a bit more pressure than usual in my lower abdomen, but felt pretty good overall. We ended up staying at the party a little later than we intended and didn’t leave until 7:00 pm. By then it was raining and once we got on the highway, I felt like I needed to be home asap. I didn’t even care about getting dinner. I was feeling really antsy and just wanted to get off the roads. 

Mr. Torres knew that something was up when I was completely uninterested in dinner and made the call to get all of our birth-day stuff ready to go before we went to bed…just in case!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

12:30 am: I woke up with a small contraction. I had been having these all week, so no big deal. I fell back asleep fairly quickly.

2:30 am: Another contraction, but this one was definitely different! I was up and out of bed before I even knew what was going on. I paced around the living room a bit and then tried to lay back down. 

2:45 am: Ooookay. Another contraction and a few more laps around the living room. 

3:51 am: I started timing my contractions at this point. I was worried about thinking that I was in labor, but it just being a false alarm. I wouldn’t say that I had experienced any pain at this point…just tightness. A lot of tightness. 

5:30 am: I knew that I was supposed to let Mr. Torres sleep for as long as possible so that at least one of us was rested, but I felt like I needed some encouragement and I had found a bug on the window that I wanted him to catch and move outside. I woke him up with news of the baby and the bug.

*Mr. Torres later told me that after I woke him up and he took care of the bug, he went and got back in bed, laid there for a second, and then decided he would probably get in trouble for trying to sleep some more!

Over the next couple of hours, things got pretty intense. Mr. Torres spent most of his time trying to get me to eat something and pushing on my lower back during each contraction. I decided to take a shower and Mr. Torres had a hard time convincing me to get out:P

9:00 am: Mr. Torres started loading the car so that we could head to the Birth Center. I had thrown up twice and was having to focus like crazy during each of the contractions. I couldn’t even really tell what the contractions felt like because my lower back was hurting like crazy! 

9:30 am: Mr. Torres had the car packed and had convinced me to come out of the bedroom. I didn’t want to get in the car because sitting made everything so much more intense. He had finally gotten me all the way to the living room when I felt like I’m was going to throw up again. I did. And my water broke. Mr. Torres was determined to get me to the Birth Center before our sweet baby was born and, therefore, basically had to carry me to the car. 

10:00 am: We arrived at the Birth Center. Praise the Lord that Ellis was born on a Sunday morning…traffic was super light! 

*From the very beginning, I was afraid that we would get to the Birth Center and would find out that I wasn’t really in labor or that I wasn’t progressing very quickly and that we would get sent home. I just really didn’t want this to be a false alarm! Fortunately, once our midwife checked everything out, she went into speed-mode because I was already dilated to 8 cm! I was so relieved that this was the real thing and that we surely wouldn’t have much longer to go!

Because I was progressing quicker than normal, the birth pool wasn’t filled yet. It seemed to take forever, but once it had some water in it, I was in and ready to start pushing. The contractions came fast and furious. Talk about intense! I have never felt anything like the forces that were at work during the last stage of labor. Ellis wanted out!

11:30 am: I had read a book in preparation for labor about hypnobirthing. Great concept, but it toooootally didn’t work for me. I was convinced that I could just breath the baby out without doing any pushing. But in the end, pushing seemed like the best method to get our baby out, so I did. For me, it didn’t require yelling, throwing things, or squeezing Mr. Torres’ hand to smithereens. I just had to focus and breath…and push like my life depended on it!

12:10 pm: Ellis Orion is born<3 

And after nine months of waiting for it to happen, it was here and over in the blink of an eye. And I was holding a baby that was our very own. 

4:00 pm: After being monitored at the birth center for a few hours, having a hearty meal of pancakes with peanut butter and syrup and sausage, we packed up our precious baby and headed home. Our adventure as a family of three was beginning!



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