Five for Friday: #showmethellamas

1. Our first llama sighting was four days into our trip. I was getting worried that maybe llamas weren’t as big a part of Peru as I thought! Really, I think people just don’t bring their llamas to town:)

I had to sneak a picture from across the street because otherwise I would have had to pay. #cheapskate

Llama sighting 1

2. One of my goals for the trip was to get my picture taken with a baby llama! #nobabyllamadramahere

Baby Llama

3. Tyler favored the alpacas over the llamas! #howhecouldhe #notascute


4. Ruins, llamas and alpacas, and a view of the city! #trifecta


5. An even better trifecta! A llama, an alpaca, and an Incan baby! #wepaidforthisone #iwasnervous


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