Five for Friday: The Garden

Hello and happy Friday!!

This year’s garden is up and running and is actually looking decent due to the fact that Ellis and I are always looking for things to do outside and have, therefore, been on top of the watering! It also didn’t hurt that I bought a soil test kit and actually paid attention to what kind of fertilizer the soil needed before planting everything:D

Here’s a look at what’s growing so far.

1 Of course, my very favorite vegetables to grow…tomatoes! I have four different types of tomatoes planted and the cherry tomato plant already has two baby tomatoes!

2. Beets are new to me this year, but I really enjoyed eating the ones that my parents grew last year, so they took the place of the carrots that were included last year.

3. We have rogue cucumbers again this year which is the weirdest thing because we don’t even eat cucumbers that often. I pulled them all up last year, but am letting them have a corner of the garden this year.

4. I love growing herbs, but rarely seem to actually use them much:P Oh well, I’m growing basil and cilantro this year!

5. Another new addition to the garden this year is spinach! I tried growing kale last year, but had waaaaay more kale than I actually wanted to use. However,  spinach is on our grocery list almost every single week!

cilantro on the left, spinach on the right

And that’s it! I’m already looking forward to summer and all of the garden deliciousness that is sure to come! As long as Ellis and I keep up the watering:D

Do you have a garden planted? What’s your favorite thing to grow??

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