Five for Friday: Springtime

Hello and happy Friday! This edition of Five for Friday is full of random bits and pieces of life lately. Hope your days have been as full of springtime fun as ours have been!


It’s huge and out of control, but I love it that way! Vegetables are growing!


Speaking of the garden, Ellis and I (okay, it was really just me) picked our first two tomatoes of the season this week! They were tiny, but delicious!


Is anyone else practicing for Easter egg hunts? I feel like this is an important life skill and the sooner Ellis gets the hang of it the better;D

Ignore the fact that we’re using a paper bag instead of a basket! I still have a couple of weeks to get one:)


I’ve been working on a healthy cookie recipe this week. No luck yet. The first two batches had decent textures, but didn’t taste like peanut butter (which is what I’m going for). The last batch tasted more like peanut butter, but was super thick and dry. Don’t worry, once I figure it out, I’ll share the recipe!


Ellis’ first birthday is in one month and eight days. How is that even possible?!?! I mean, I just brought him home and he just started sitting up and taking his first steps and now he has four teeth and I feel like he’s leaving for college soon. I’ll just try to ignore the fact that he’s growing up too fast and focus on party planning!

Cheerios everywhere!

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Springtime

  1. Amy says:

    Ahh, your sweet little guy! Can’t believe he’s almost one! And then off to college! They grow up so fast. 😉 It’s true. So true.

    Please do share the cookie recipe when you have it. And yay for your garden and fresh tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are basically my love language. I love them so much!

    • Kacey says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one in love with homegrown tomatoes!! I took a break from working on my healthy cookie recipes for Easter and haven’t started up again, but I’ll post whenever I figure it out!

  2. Nicole @ Just Live It says:

    YES, practicing for an Easter Egg hunt is very important, I agree!! 🙂
    And oh my goodness, your garden is beautiful! I’ve decided to not grow one this year, because we’ll be busy with a newborn. But maybe I’ll plant a cherry tomato plant in a bucket on our porch, so that we can at least enjoy those. You just can’t beat the deliciousness of fresh veggies!

    • Kacey says:

      So I definitely tried planting a garden last year right before Ellis was born (May 15) and it completely didn’t make it! Watering just wasn’t a priority with a new baby!

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