The Nursery


We are soooooo close to being done with Ellis’ nursery! 

The only two things left involve Mr. Torres finishing his artwork for the wall above the changing table and me finding a hook to hang in the closet for the diaper bag. Easy Peasy. We’ll be done this weekend:)

In the meantime, here’s a look at what we’ve put together!


We didn’t want to go with a specific theme, especially one that was overly “baby.” Hopefully some of the elements that we picked out will transition well into childhood and possibly even longer. 



Mr. Torres and I thought it would be neat to each contribute a piece of artwork to the wall:) The picture of us is from our trip to Germany…Ellis was there with us, but we didn’t know it!



May this room be filled with moments of both peace and play, may it nurture a love of God and family, and may it cultivate a desire to learn about and discover God’s beautiful creation.


4 thoughts on “The Nursery

    • Kacey says:

      Thank you so much, Sara! How are you guys doing?? I know you and Tyler are rocking it being a family of three!

      • Sara Marion says:

        We are doing well! I can’t believe Hazel will be 9 months next week! Babies are hard-work but so much fun!

  1. Kaley Moore says:

    Looks so great!!! It will be nice during all those sleepless nights having a cute and soothing space to rock him to sleep. Hope you guys are doing well! ~ Kaley

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