Life Lately: A Teaching Update


I’m alive!

The first day of school!

The first day of school!

I know that an update about how school is going has been long overdue:P

 So here it is!

First and foremost, my kids are fantastic.

I absolutely could not have a better group of students.

SBS Classroom

My Classroom:)

Always before, there would be a handful of kids that were always such a joy to teach. 

Kids that made teaching easy and enjoyable. 

That group was usually about 10% of my 130 students.

Now, That group is more like 90-95% of my 75 kids!

So not only are my classes sizes capped at 18, but my kids are fantastic!

Another great part of my day?

SBS Classroom2

The downtown view from my sixth floor windows!

SBS Classroom3

Barely a day goes by that I’m not blown away by God’s beautiful creation!

God's Creation

God's Creation2

God's Creation3

And, yes, I snap a picture nearly every single time:)

God's Creation4


3 thoughts on “Life Lately: A Teaching Update

  1. Tyler Holt says:

    Dear Mrs. Kacey Joan Kesselhuth Torres,

    I have enjoyed the pleasure of devouring your food in my mind. My favorite food has been your chocolate french toast… It really puts me in the Christmas spirit. I have also enjoyed looking at pictures of you and your husband Eric. I hope one day your dream of owning a tiny house and pet goat come true. I also respect your talented skills as a soccer coach. Good Cooking and am excited for your future posts!!!!!

    • kaceytorres says:

      Thank you for your compliments, Mr. Tyler C. Holt. I made chocolate French toast for breakfast just yesterday and it was superbly delicious! I keep trying to convince Mr. Torres that a tiny house is the way to go, but it’s difficult to figure out where we want to build it…he’s voting for Oregon, but it’s a bit chilly for me there! Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to write some posts over Christmas break:)

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