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One of my new year’s goals for 2017 is to read two books each month. Definitely achievable, but I probably average about one book a month, so it’s been good for me to stretch it a bit.

I actually only read one book in January (new year’s fail?), but made up for it by reading three books in February:D 

The road to Little Dribbling

My January read was The Road to Little Dribbling by (my favorite) Bill Bryson. Unfortunately, and this is a BIG unfortunately, it was terrible. I, mean, maybe I’m being rough on this one since I usually love everything Bill writes, but he just sounded so old and complain-y and his “adventures” just don’t seem all that adventurous anymore. So sad.

Anyway, this one is about Bill’s journey across Britain as an American. Attempting to avoid places that he visited in his first book about Britain, Notes from a Small Island, Bill places a ruler on the map to find “the farthest [he] could travel in a straight line without crossing salt water.”  Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of cups of tea. 

There were, without a doubt, some interesting chapters in this book and I am a bit more interested in visiting Britain now (it’s still nowhere near the top of my list), but a few interesting chapters do little to redeem 376 pages of Bill walking, drinking, and grouching. 

I’m afraid I can’t recommend this book to you, but if you are interested in some truly entertaining and inspiring travel writing, pick up A Walk in the Woods or any one of Bill Bryson’s other books!

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