Recent Reads 4: February’s Books

I mentioned in my last Recent Reads post that I have a goal of reading two books each month. I got a little behind in January and only read one book (The Road to Little Dribbling), but made up for it by reading three in February. Here they are!

Recent Reads


I started out February with Arc of Justice which was for a book club that I joined this year. We have only met once and it went pretty well, so I’m excited to see how our group evolves as the year progresses! 

This book is pretty heavy. It was definitely written by a researcher who felt like it was necessary to include EVERYTHING that was found during research for the book. Sometimes the added information was interesting, but sometimes it just slogged the plot down.

This book is set (mostly) in the 1920s and explores the progression of residential segregation. I’m going to be honest with you, history is definitely one of those subjects that I kind of just sailed through in school. And by sailed I mean I didn’t really pay attention, did all the work as fast as I could, and mainly spent lots of time staring at the clock. History CLASS isn’t really my thing, but just history in and of itself is pretty interesting. I learned a ton about racism and the journey that our country took out of slavery and into Jim Crow and it was honestly very educational. And long. This book took awhile to get through.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this one as I wasn’t very familiar with racism and residential segregation in the 20s. However, it’s not really one that I would recommend as just a good book for anyone. I feel like you might need to have an interest in history to enjoy this one. 


Parenting with Love and Logic is one that I knew I would enjoy. I always used Love and Logic principles in my classroom as a middle and upper school science teacher and rarely ever had disciple problems. The techniques are a bit different for parents, but I really feel like they will work well for Mr. Torres and I as Ellis gets older! 

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is interested in trying out some different parenting techniques!


And lastly, Lost in my own Backyard is a book that I’ve had in my bookshelf for who knows how long and I’ve just never taken the time to read it. It’s a small book about some of the features and hikes in Yellowstone National Park. I wasn’t a huge fan of the author’s writing style…it seemed a bit pretentious, but I’m a sucker for travel writing and especially travel writing about camping and backpacking:) 

Tim Cahill takes his readers through some of Yellowstone’s lesser known areas in hopes of encouraging all of us to get out and explore our own backyards…aka our national parks. After finishing this little book, I was ready to plan our trip to Yellowstone! 

Overall, I would recommend this one and I’ll most likely be checking out some other titles by this author:)

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