Eleven Weeks In

We’re still alive and well down here in H-town (aka Houston) (aka land of burning summer heat) (aka city of “it’s too hot to go outside unless you’re swimming”) (aka okay, I’ll stop now)!

Ellis is now 11 weeks old<3

2016-07-16 18.08.35

Every picture of this sweet boy is my favorite! I’m such a mom.

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Five for Friday: Happy 2015!

1. I made some goals for 2014 and did a great job on most of them….

  • No competitive races- Success!
  • Experience something that is distinctly Houston or big-city at least once per quarter- Let’s see…Houston Rodeo, Dynamo game, Rockets game, downtown NYE party, does visiting Galveston count?!? I think this one is a success:)
  • Finish decorating the living room and dining room- 96% Success! There are two more things on my to-do list for the living room and one of them (LoveSac covers) was a Christmas gift from Mr. Torres (should be delivered soon)!
  • Get a job- As of August, this one was a success!

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Throwback Thursday: Kesselhuth Vacation Fun

Shepherd of the Hills, 1998.


Despite the look on my face, I was pretty confident that I was going to win that frog race. 

A lot of people try to yell at their frogs and/or encourage them verbally. Pointless. 

The real trick is in patting the ground right behind their little bottoms. The puff of air makes them jump.

Now you’re ready for one more thing life might throw at you. 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, All!

I hope you had the most wonderful day full of all the blessings that you have in your life!

Our Easter was missing a couple of people as the Littlest Sister wasn’t able to come home from Louisiana and Mr. Torres is in New York for a guys’ vacation. Nevertheless, we had a great weekend full of good food, fun conversations, a wonderful church service and time spent at Nanny and Papa’s house!

This has been the song of the weekend for me. I’ve been loving it on my iPod as I run, but it is especially meaningful today.

He is Risen!