Five Days in D.C.: Days 1 & 2

During February, I was fortunate enough to be able to go with all of my students to Washington D.C. for their eighth grade trip…that’s right, I spent a week traveling with ninety-five eighth graders and truly enjoyed it:)

D.C. in February is lovely. And cold. Soooooooo cold. We flew out of Houston on Monday morning and within an hour of landing, it was snowing. And it kept on snowing until the area had received more snow than it had in years!

Day 1: We met at the school at 4:15am and by mid-afternoon, we were at Mt. Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington…after having spotted a bald eagle along the way! How perfect! 

Mt. Vernon in the snowI really enjoyed visiting Mt. Vernon and, as I (should I be ashamed to say this?) didn’t remember much about the Washingtons from my school days, was really interested in all of the history that was presented during our time there. We were able to tour the home and then spend some time defrosting while visiting the museum.

The evening was spent eating pizza at Pizzaria Uno at Union Station (such beautiful architecture!).

Union Station D.C.

Day 2: Because of the heavy snowfall, many places were closed on Tuesday. However, the Air and Space Museum was open, so we spent the morning there. The kids were not impressed, but this was one of my favorites:) 

I was able to see the Apollo lunar module, the Wright brothers’ original plane, and some nuclear missiles! 

Air and Space Museum

SpaceShipOne (first manned private spaceflight) (top) and Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis (bottom)

Air and Space Museum

We stopped by the Jefferson Memorial on the way to lunch…so cold…and visited the Spy Museum (the kids loved it) in the afternoon. 

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

We spent the evening at an outdoor ice skating rink and had such a blast! The joy and the playfulness of the kids was absolutely contagious! 

Ice Skating in D.C.

Despite the single-digit windchill, ice skating was so much fun…definitely my favorite evening activity!


After only two days in D.C., it felt like we had been there for at least a week. Not because it seemed as thought the trip was dragging on, but just because we had already packed so much in to two days! 

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