Five Days in D.C. : Days 3-5

What’s the best way to see D.C.? With 95 eighth graders, of course! And that’s just what I had the opportunity to do in February!

If you missed Days 1 & 2, you can check them out here.

Day 3: We were blessed with the opportunity of being able to tour the White House on Wednesday morning.

The afternoon was spent at the American History Museum (my least favorite museum that we visited). Afterwards, we visited Arlington National Cemetery and were able to watch the changing of the guard and participate in a wreath-hanging ceremony.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

 Visiting the cemetery was the most impactful experience of the trip for me. It was hard to understand exactly what I was feeling as we saw row after row of headstones that were so numerous and, at the same time, represented only a fraction of the number of servicemen and women who have sacrificed their lives to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy and so often take for granted. So humbling. 

Wednesday’s evening activity was bowling. The male sponsors challenged the female sponsors (or was it the other way around) and we ended up losing terribly, but had a great time anyway!

Bowling in D.C.

Day 4: Thursday began with a tour of the Pentagon which ended up being one of the most organized and well run tours that we went on. Did you know that at any point in the Pentagon you are, at most, seven minutes away from any other location in the Pentagon? And that Air Force One is not a particular aircraft, but is just the name given to whatever aircraft the president happens to by flying in? Tada…I learned things!


Just getting ready for a press conference…we found some military escorts:)

 The afternoon was spent at the Newseum (a museum dedicated to media) and the Holocaust Museum. Both were excellent museums. Both were large museums. And by the end of the day, everyone was lagging a bit. Fortunately, we had some time to rest at the hotel before heading out to a hockey game…not my favorite evening activity, but the kids loved it:)

Day 5: Time to go home! But first we had a tour of the Capitol Building, visited the Declaration of Independence at the Archives, and stopped by the Lincoln Memorial!


US Capitol Building

LIncoln Memorial

I cannot imagine a more wonderful way to see Washington D.C.. The trip was fantastic in so many different ways. Not only was I able to see our nation’s capital and get to know the other middle school teachers, but I was also able to grow relationally with my students. My kids, my co-workers, my nation…#blessed

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