Oregon Vacation: Days 1-4

Oregon is great.

It’s just one of those states that has it all together.

Beautiful coastline? Check.

Oregon Hike

Gorgeous snow-capped mountains? Check.

Mt. Hood

Deliciously fresh seafood? Big cities? Tall trees? Interesting hippies? Check, check, check and check.

Oregon has it all.

Except the 105 degree weather that we left in Oklahoma.

Like I said, Oregon has things figured out.

Mr. Torres and I started off our time in Oregon by meeting up with my older sister and her husband (who live in Salem and have two great danes aaaand are expecting triplets in October!) and heading out to their campsite near the little town of Detroit in Willamette National Forest.

Oregon Camping

It’s a nice little setup they have going on there and we enjoyed visiting by the fire, exploring the lake, hiking up Stahlman Point Trail and celebrating the 4th of July by watching the loooongest fireworks display ever. In the rain. I think I feel asleep a couple of times.

Camping in Oregon

The Torres' in Oregon

Stahlman's Peak

And we ate some great food! Thanks, Geoff!

Angie and Geoff

After spending two nights at the campsite, Mr. Torres and I headed out to explore the rest of NW Oregon and Angie and Geoff prepared to return to Salem with plans to meet us at the coast.

Only four days into our vacation and we’ve already had so much fun!

12 thoughts on “Oregon Vacation: Days 1-4

  1. Erin says:

    The part of this post I am most excited about is . . . Eric’s t-shirt! 🙂
    Looks like you had fun. I am jealous, of course.

  2. dualey says:

    I loved this post. We have friends moving to Oregon this summer and I really want to do a road trip up the coast next year. The lovely pictures just motivated me even more! I really think you and Eric should consider a change of address! It’s so much fun living on the West Coast. 🙂

    • kaceytorres says:

      Don’t tempt us! We make lists of places to move to all the time:) The only thing I wish we could have done while in Oregon was drive down the the Redwood Forest! I guess California will have to have a trip all its own!

      • dualey says:

        You are more than welcome to come visit us when you make it out to California!!! We kind of boarder Central and Southern California, so a little bit of a drive from the Redwood Forest. But doable. Plus, we feed our guests yummy food. 🙂

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