Peru Part One: Cusco

Peru was definitely one of the most fun places we’ve ever visited. 

Fun in Peru

Can you tell that Mr. Torres is having fun?!?!?

Other trips that we’ve taken have been beautiful, relaxing, historical, iconic, educational…and Peru was definitely all of these (except maybe relaxing…I don’t know that we had much down time on this trip!), but for me, the main theme of our time in Peru was fun:)

Mr. Torres and I, along with our two trusty travel companions Josh and Tyler, spent the first half our our trip acclimatizing to the altitude by spending time in Cusco (cue Emperor’s New Groove soundtrack!).

Cusco, Peru

The Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a city of a little under 500,000 people that used to be the capital of the Inca Empire, but is now the main hub of tourism for people visiting Peru/Machu PIcchu. We had a wonderful time during our five days of acclimatization!

We went on a Market Tour with an outstanding company, Faces of Cusco<–highly recommend

San Pedro Market


San Pedro Market

Do you know what those little white lumps are that the guys are holding?? Dehydrated potatoes!

Traveled to the Sacred Valley for some hardcore zip-lining.

Rock Climbing

First we had to climb up to the zip-lines!

Mountain climbing


Mr. Torres flying through the Andes!

Visited a variety of ruins/caves/big rocks.


The ruins at Sacsayhuaman…how did they move such big rocks?!?


More Sacsayhuaman

Temple of the Moon

The Temple of the Moon…aka a big rock with some seats carved into it:)


One of the walls at Qorikancha…how did they get the stones so smooth?!?!?

PLUS, we were able to visit the Cusco Planetarium annnnnd go horseback riding! 


Our first five days in Cusco were filled with so many fun activities that by the time we transitioned into part two of our trip, it felt like we had already had a full vacation! However, there was still more…and that more was going to be one of the hardest things that any of us had ever done!

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