Travels in Europe: Barthelona

After visiting and loving Paris, we boarded a plane for a quick jump south to Barcelona.

Which is actually pronounced Barthelona…kind of.

It’s actually a combination of the of Barcelona, Bartalona and Barthalona.

Needless to say, I pretty much just sounded like I couldn’t speak most of the time:P

Our Barcelona portion of the trip was meant to be a little more relaxed than our time in Paris, but it ended up feeling just as jam-packed:)

We visited La Sagrada Familia and Mont Juic on day one.


Construction isn’t done yet, even though work began in the 1880s

Juic is pronounced “week,” not “juice.”

The local who corrected us was either totally over-reacting or we were saying something really terrible by mispronouncing that one:P

My favorite experience in Barcelona occurred on that first evening while we were at Mont Juic…


On the weekends, there is a music/light/water show that completely exceeded our expectations! It was fifteen minutes of amazingness!

I loved it even more because they used all Disney songs:)

My second favorite experience was attending the FC Barcelona vs Seville game.


Seville scored in the last minute of game-play to tie the game and then Barcelona scored in the last minute of stoppage time to win the game 3-2!

The packed stadium was on their feet shouting “Ole! Ole! Ole!” after the last goal!


Overall, Barcelona was a great place to visit- the weather was beautiful, the people (minus the pickpockets) were friendly and there was more than enough to see and do!

Here are some notes on the places that we visited while in Barcelona:

La Sagrada Familia- We didn’t wait in line to visit this one, so I can’t comment on whether or not the 12 euro entrance fee is worth it, but it definitely worth walking around the outside of. The architecture is so much different from all the other cathedrals and chapels that we saw!

Castell de MontJuic- This was an interesting (and free) place to visit. We tried to walk here from the entrance of the park which ended up being way too far. Because of that, I was mostly over it before we even got there, but had we taken a bus or a taxi, I’m sure this site would have been more interesting:P However, Mr. Torres is interested in medieval topics and really enjoyed seeing the castle. 


Barceloneta- The day that we chose to go to the beach was gorgeous and sunny! The water was chilly, but refreshing. It was busy in the free areas (where there are no umbrellas), but not unbearable. I would have stayed longer here, but the boys were ready to move on. When I convinced Mr. Torres to go back with me the next day, it started raining so we headed up to Parc Guell.

That flower is there for a reason! Beaches in Spain are a bit different from those in the US...

That flower is there for a reason! Beaches in Spain are a bit different from those in the US…

Parc Guell- This area was really crowded so we didn’t stay too long. The architecture is interesting, but this probably isn’t a Barcelona must-see unless you have a special interest in unique architecture.

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  1. karnlowe says:

    There was an all-nude beach in Australia when I visited my sis. We jogged along the beach in this area (it was close to her home and excellent beach running). Shame on us . . . we wore clothes!! LOL

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