Travels in Europe: J’adore Paris!

We’re back from Europe!

Which was awesome.


I was awe-inspired on multiple occasions.

I even had tears in my eyes a few times. It was just that great.

My absolute favorite place that we visited was Paris.

Our first view of the Eiffel Tower...can you see it?!

Our first view of the Eiffel Tower…can you see it?!

Besides the cold and rainy weather that we had a couple of days, it was perfect.

Just as I had imagined during all those years of high school French class!


My top favorite experience was the Eiffel Tower.


I loved seeing it in the daylight.

But I looooooooooooved seeing it lit up at night!

I definitely teared up during the light show. So beautiful!

I definitely teared up during the light show. So beautiful!

My second favorite experience was an unexpected one.

We had tried crepes after visiting Notre Dame, but were mostly disappointed.

However, after making the trek up to see Sacre Coeur, we decided to give them one more shot.

We stopped by a little creperie (Creperie Broceliande) a few blocks away from the tourist area and were treated with the most delicious lunch!

For 10,50 euro we were each able to pick a savory crepe, a sweet crepe and a drink. Every single crepe that we ordered was perfection!

Sorry, no crepe pictures...they disappeared too quickly!

Sorry, no crepe pictures…they disappeared too quickly!

It only further added to the experience when we were able to sing happy birthday (in French, of course) to one of the little old French women who was dining next to us!

I could go on and on about the Paris  portion of our trip, but know that Mr. Torres would already say TLDR (too long, didn’t read) to all of my gushing:P

Here are some of my thoughts regarding the other things that we were able to see and do in Paris…

Notre Dame- Lovely, but the walk up the tower was probably the longest line we stood in, so get there early if you intend to do that.

Archaeological Crypt- Mr. Torres really enjoyed this, but I found it to be quite boring

Conceigerie- Okay, but not really worth waiting in line for unless you are especially interested in Marie Antoinette and her beheading

St. Chapelle- Absolutely beautiful! This was my favorite cathedral

Versailles- This is the only thing that I would skip if I could re-do the trip. The crowds were monstrous and the tour was repetitive. It takes      at least 3/4 of a day when you factor in the train ride out of town. I would have much rather spent more time at the Louvre.

Louvre- Yes, there are lots of people here, but it’s  a big place. There are two nights a week when the museum is open late. Go then. The museum was practically empty during our short time there. I wish that we would have spent more time here.

Sacre Coeur- I’m not sure if this one is a must see, but it is a lovely chapel and the best crepes in Paris are just a few blocks away:)

Arc de Triomphe- It was raining while we visited the Arc, so that may have affected my enthusiasm a bit. It was nice, but not a must see for me. However, this is the one place on earth where the men’s line for the restroom is longer than the women’s. Not sure what was going on there, but I approve. 

Some of the beautiful stained glass of Notre Dame

Some of the beautiful stained glass of Notre Dame

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